Students entering grades 10 through 12 are welcome to register for this comprehensive, intensive review course offering test strategies for the reading, English (writing and language), math, and essay portions of the SAT exam through interactive, tech-based lessons. Students can expect to take four full-length practice tests and receive score reports at regular intervals throughout the course.

Enrollees are encouraged to bring pencils, notebooks, and the scientific or graphing calculator they plan to use on "test day". Textbooks and materials–valued at $30 per student–are included in the tuition and course fees.

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Learn to work through academic challenges, and grow from past challenges. Learning more about ourselves is essential to building confidence and self direction.

Students in this 10-week program will learn to:

  • Reduce stress by creating better systems.
  • Enhance productive communication with instructors, counselors, and family members.
  • Apply individual learning styles to earn better grades.
  • Understand individual motivation styles and become more proactive.
  • Boost confidence and excitement about their future.
  • Develop the self-knowledge and agency needed to develop successful college and graduate application plans. 
  • Explore leadership skills. 

This program will be delivered by an Associate-level Academic Life Coach–certified by Coach Training Edu– an ICF-accredited coach training program. 

Please book a consultation to find out how this unique program might help you or your student!



Students and families who are interested in additional one-on-one private advising beyond and in addition to the support provided by their schools can benefit from having a private college admissions consultant on their team.

Students and families seeking private guidance in addition to the services provided by their schools are a good fit for the Comprehensive College Advising programs.

These programs are ideal for students in grades 8 - 12, students seeking to transfer from one college to another, and those applying to Master's degree programs.

The comprehensive package includes application essays, personal statements, interviews, resumes, creative portfolios, and basic gap semester and year planning.

Comprehensive College Advising programs are weekly or twice-a-month one-on-one sessions including professional advice, planning, and coaching throughout the application process.


"Seleena is the best!!! I'm so glad I found her to tutor my son for the SAT exam. She really made a difference in helping him improve and maximize his score with the reading section of the SAT exam. I am so satisfied with her that my younger son is now being tutored with her. She's definitely a gem when it comes to SAT preparation! "

Anne Kim

"Seleena's TOEFL classes include not only TOEFL knowledge but also fun. In the classes, she gives you lucid examples to help you understand and remember. She also tells you how to practice to improve your score. Her TOEFL classes will not disappoint!"

Qing Xin
International Student from China / University of Hawaii at Manoa

"​I was a bit skeptical about having my son retake the SAT because he had to make such a significant improvement in his score. His "reach" school deferred his early action acceptance until more competitive SAT scores could be reached. He only had your one-month refresher course to help him prepare. It was well worth it! He improved his score by 110 points in literally 4 weeks thanks to your comprehensive program (and his dedication to following your study advice of course). Fantastic! Thank you, thank you."

​Juliana L
Parent / Le Jardin Academy

"As an educator myself, I've seen my son grow in confidence and now has the tools to succeed in the classroom. I'm so thankful to Seleena and how she genuinely cares about my son."

Diana McKibbin
Teacher / Punahou School

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