From the outset, Seleena has distinguished herself as a superior instructor. She remains instrumental to Punahou's "SAT-plus" curriculum, a program enhanced by her custom-developed essay writing and advanced reading workshops.

Jim Kawashima 

Seleena Harkness-Lee helped me with college prep and college counseling. Seleena
really taught me the importance of picking the right college instead of a famous one. Me and my family had never done any research into standardized tests, so Seleena helped me improve my SAT and ACT scores. She has done a remarkable job at helping me with college applications by checking and revising my essays so that I do not make mistakes and helped me make my point clear. She helped me as much as she could while she was working with other students just like me so I truly admire her time management skills. Now I get to go to a college of my choice and I know I will enjoy the next four years thanks to Seleena. I want to thank her for all her help and thank her for being patient with me!

Victoria Tan 

Seleena Harkness-Lee in one word is awesome! As parents overwhelmed with the daunting college process, she was calming, reassuring, totally knowledgeable, encouraging, and opened our minds and our childʻs to all possibilities, while at the same time giving us realistic expectations. With our child she exuded enthusiasm, warmth, energy, interest, and always went the extra mile for him and then some! She organized our childʻs thoughts and guided him through the application process and essay writing by giving him steps he could accomplish one at a time without feeling totally overloaded. 

Jane Stephens Fyrberg, M.D

"Seleena is the best!!! I'm so glad I found her to tutor my son for the SAT exam. She really made a difference in helping him improve and maximize his score with the reading section of the SAT exam. I am so satisfied with her that my younger son is now being tutored with her. She's definitely a gem when it comes to SAT preparation! "

Anne Kim

"Seleena's TOEFL classes include not only TOEFL knowledge but also fun. In the classes, she gives you lucid examples to help you understand and remember. She also tells you how to practice to improve your score. Her TOEFL classes will not disappoint!"

Qing Xin
International Student from China / University of Hawaii at Manoa

"​I was a bit skeptical about having my son retake the SAT because he had to make such a significant improvement in his score. His "reach" school deferred his early action acceptance until more competitive SAT scores could be reached. He only had your one-month refresher course to help him prepare. It was well worth it! He improved his score by 110 points in literally 4 weeks thanks to your comprehensive program (and his dedication to following your study advice of course). Fantastic! Thank you, thank you."

​Juliana L
Parent / Le Jardin Academy

"As an educator myself, I've seen my son grow in confidence and now has the tools to succeed in the classroom. I'm so thankful to Seleena and how she genuinely cares about my son."

Diana McKibbin
Teacher / Punahou School

Ms. Seleena has such a bright energy that is contagious. Her enthusiasm inspired me to work harder to reach my full potential on the SAT and ACT exams. Before I met Ms. Seleena, I did not have a lot of motivation, and I was very discouraged by my previous SAT and ACT scores. Ms. Seleena took the time to explain and work with me on my weak points and truly showed genuine concern for my improvement. I am so lucky to have met Ms. Seleena!

Daniel Cho (Student/ Saint Louis School)

After working with Seleena, I felt more confident with the SAT. She gives amazing strategies that can work for any critical reading problem. She also helps you work through the problem until you understand. It is easy to tell that Seleena truly knows what she is doing when it comes to the SAT. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work with Seleena. Thank you for everything, Seleena!

Mariah Hall (Student University of San Francisco (Class of 2020))

This is my first time taking the SAT, but I've already seen an improvement in my work. I was so nervous to even take a practice test, and now I'm so close to the score I need. I got my GED a year ago and now I'm applying to colleges. I put it off for so long because I didn't think I could do it. I have really bad test anxiety, and working with Seleena a couple times a week has already helped my work improve.


Zena Simpkins 

Seleena takes an easy approach and has an effective way of helping both high school and college aged students improve their English. My homestay foreign students have benefited from her tutoring and improved on their TOEFL scores. Thank you, Ms. Seleena.


Mona King ( Owner/ Island Homestay)

Seleena has been working with our students for the past few years. Every student that has worked with her has shown accelerated academic progress, and students have always shared positive feelings about working with Seleena.  Seleena has provided excellent academic support while building supportive, positive relationships with students.

Chris Ferry (ELD Program Director/ Mid-Pacific Institute)

It's time to invest in your future.